Lads & Lasses

Tuesday 25 July 2017

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“The world around us is a bloody scary place full of scary people and scary ways people see each other. Why the hell would I want to label myself as something that a lot of the world would want to judge me for?”

In a busy 2017 for ApposArt Theatre Company, having brought the first production to ever be streamed out of Hull to FRUIT in February, ‘A Crooked Star’, ‘Lads & Lasses’ marks the second of ApposArt’s major 2017 productions.

A world premiere combining theatre and film at the first ever UK Pride, supported by Pride in Hull’s City of Culture 2017 Creative Communities Programme. There’s something for EVERYBODY – No labels necessary!

When Sam and Violet neglect their A-Level studies, they receive an unexpected
punishment – to ‘supervise’ new student, Jake. But there’s more to this quiet new boy than meets the eye and pretty soon, uncertainty and insecurity appear to take advantage of the situation. A Hull-based, poignant play dissecting what it means to be a young LGBT person, looking into the struggles and questions young people ask themselves about their identity and how this affects those around them. Based on real-life, local stories, Lads & Lasses promises to provide a thought-provoking but cheerily brilliant and often hilarious night of entertainment, full of emotion, love-making and good ol’ nostalgia! Who said growing up was easy?

Bring your friends, a box of tissues and an open mind! EARLY BOOKING IS ADVISED!





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