Brig-Aid Gala Night – Hull

Saturday 23 June 2018

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Hulls Theatre Companies join forces to host this Gala Night for Hull lass, Sarah Brigham.

An evening of a variety of performances including; music, comedy, monologues, spoken word, a raffle & a quiz.

Hosted by Paul Smith (Middle Child) & Rachael Abbey (Roaring Girls)

Sarah Brigham has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. She has a 6cm tumour in her trachea. The cancer is adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) and only two in a million people have this type of cancer. The cancer is slow growing but relentless, and so it’s important that it is stopped in its tracks as soon as possible.

The best treatment option is Carbon Ion Therapy, which will hopefully stop the cancer from growing or spreading and may offer the best long term prognosis. But here’s the spanner in the frankly crappy works: this treatment is not funded by the NHS. Sarah will have to travel to Germany to receive the treatment, and to do this, she needs to raise £60,000. Gulp Pause Gulp

Sarahs friends and family have organised a crowd funding page;, as well as separate fundraisers all over the country.

Come and join us for an evening of fun for just £5, all proceeds will be donated to the cause.




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